Repair Service

Reliable equipment maintenance since 2015

Sunny Dental Solutions is a solid company specialized in the maintenance of dental equipment, which is wholly owned by Finns. Our mission is to help our customers to fully focus on their work and to grow their business!

We have strong relationships with leading handpiece manufacturers and suppliers so we can ensure that the defective parts are repaired correctly and efficiently.

Once you get the service box you pack the pieces to it and send it to us. After that, we will make a cost estimate, we will notify you of the price and you decide whether to fix the device.

“We use only the original parts, and we will pick up the broken equipment directly from your receipt.”

Maintenance of corner pieces
We professionally supply turbines, micromotors and handpiece. We always use the original parts in our service so we can provide a guarantee for the work. We offer a free cost estimate and if the cost of the service does not please you, the device is returned free of charge!

We offer a free estimate of all received products. Once confirmed, we will continue the correction. Depending
on the instrument failure, we provide free technical advice for maintaining the instrument better.

Pick-up service
We will pick up and deliver the serviceable equipment directly to your workplace. The technical office
will answer all your inquiries in a short time and provide you with all the necessary information during
the service.

Benefits of service

Our repair service only uses upscale parts. We offer excellent guarantees by subtype. Our technology is well-equipped and constantly evolving to provide better services to our customers.

Our team is at your disposal 7 days a week. If you have any questions or need technical support, please do not hesitate to contact us. All orders are immediately processed and a maintenance estimate is given within a week.

Our product range is very extensive and includes original spare parts for all used repair parts. We do our best to keep it up to date with all new models. We could also personalize our products according to your requirements and your products.

Our work is highly competitive for the same level of products. We try to optimize our offer to meet your needs and market requirements to meet your expectations.