FDA&CE Certified, KN95 Masks And 3-PLY Surgical Masks For Sale

How to choose a surgical perfect mask or respirator for you?

Several  should be taken into account when choosing a mask such as application, type of mask, level of protection required, etc.

A medical or surgical mask  is a disposable medical device. It protects against infectious agents transmitted by “droplets.” However, it does not protect against “airborne” infectious sources.

Protects the wearer from infection transmitted by “droplets” or from the risk of touch of biological fluids. In the latter case, the surgical face mask must have a waterproof layer. It can also be equipped with a visor to protect the eyes.

Why choose a respirator?

A respirator is a type of personal protective equipment. It prevents the wearer from inhaling aerosols (dust, smoke, mist) as well as vapors or gases (disinfectants, anesthetic gases) that are health hazards. It also protects the wearer from airborne infectious agents i.e. against contamination by a virus such as coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, etc.

Respirators are divided into two categories: insulating (which are not covered in this buying guide) and filtering.

Filtering respirators consist of a facepiece and a filtering device. Sometimes the filter element is integrated into the facepiece. Depending on the type of filter, the mask will either be effective only against particles, only against certain gases and vapors, or against particles, gases and vapors.

Filtering respirators can sometimes also be equipped with an exhalation valve to improve user comfort. The valve prevents condensation inside the mask, misting on the glasses and helps the user breathe in and out easily.

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